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More common health hacks

Following on from my last blog post, here are a few more tried and tested healthy living tips! Blocked ears, especially when flying on planes. I have several patients who find a Hopi ear candle treatment helpful. Have you heard of the valsalva manoeuvre? I can help to chew to release blocked ears on a […]

Some common health hacks

As an acupuncturist, therapist and mum I have an a few tried and tested tips for those common health niggles that plague us… Skin: I always have a tube of aloe vera gelly ready for spots, cuts, sunburn and skin problems. Keep it refrigerated for use on hot skin conditions, restless legs or sunburn. For […]

Helping your headaches

Headaches can be debilitating and are very common so here are a few self help suggestions. Headaches are often caused by dehydration so drink two long glasses of water (not too cold) and wait five minutes. Caffeine; are you having three or more coffees per day in the week? Apart from affecting your sleep you […]

Community acupuncture clinics

I am embarking on a new venture shortly, working on Wednesdays at Leamington Acupuncture, a community multi-bed clinic. I was thrilled to be asked by one of my tutors if I would like to work alongside her in a community practise in central Leamington. This clinic, founded in 2011, runs every Wednesday. It was the […]

Help protect our wonderful world

As we start to do more, return to workplaces, socialise, meet in groups, it’s important to remember how much nature sustained us in lockdown. Celebrate this and do your bit to preserve our planet for those to come. How can you improve your sustainability and reduce our waste output? Some of these actions can also […]

Positive vibes!

Frazzled…? It’s been a long year and many are limping on hoping for brighter days to come. If it all feels a little ‘groundhog day’ I have collated a few ideas for you to try out. I like the point made by the activist and author  Glennon Doyle; if ‘be happy’ is too simplistic or […]

Healthy steps to Spring

At the time of writing we’re in the middle of our third lockdown with no end date in sight. Apparently it is 46 days until Spring. So here are a few tips to help you safely navigate your way through the rest of winter healthily.  Top immunity tips for good health include: How about making use […]

How to cope with winter

Are we over half way through the pandemic now; no one knows? As we face rising coronavirus cases and a return to countrywide lockdown for Wales what have we learnt to help us hang on until spring? Let’s trust that next year we will be returning to more ‘normal’, less restrictive ways of living. It’s […]