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Healthy steps to Spring

At the time of writing we’re in the middle of our third lockdown with no end date in sight. Apparently it is 46 days until Spring. So here are a few tips to help you safely navigate your way through the rest of winter healthily.  Top immunity tips for good health include: How about making use […]

How to cope with winter

Are we over half way through the pandemic now; no one knows? As we face rising coronavirus cases and a return to countrywide lockdown for Wales what have we learnt to help us hang on until spring? Let’s trust that next year we will be returning to more ‘normal’, less restrictive ways of living. It’s […]

The benefits of aromatherapy – how it helps

As the nights draw in and we head towards winter it may be helpful to look at how we can benefit from Aromatherapy. This is the use of plant based remedies for therapeutic benefits. Nature and nurture at its best. Why? Essential oils can be as effective as medicines. They are herbal extracts with fantastic […]


The verb ‘will’ is defined as ‘to make something happen by wishing for it very strongly’. In Chinese medicine the word ‘Zhi’ is taken to mean inherent purpose or drive to achieve. Having a strong will leads to activity to move forward. Motivation, will, drive, push, mojo, ‘make things happen’. For me my will left […]

How to cope in challenging times

Can you remember your life before lockdown? How we didn’t appreciate freedom of movement, being spontaneous, seeing lots of friends at once, impromptu meals out, swimming, regular clubs and activities with others. The ease of walking into a shop with a great selection of items. Hugs and kisses. Being able to comfort those in distress. […]

Staying well and boosting your defences

Well, what a few weeks it’s been! Unprecedented times resulting in dramatically different lives for all. Businesses and activities curbed in one fell swoop. Finances dealt a massive body blow. The urgent need to adopt different ways of working and behaving. And not least the life saving hygiene measures we have all had to adopt. […]

My back pain story

I treat so many people with muscular skeletal pain; mainly affecting the lower back, neck and shoulders but also knees, hips, hands and feet. I have episodes of debilitating lower back pain myself and this is a summary of the tried and tested tips I find helpful. Please share with anyone you think may benefit, […]

You should sleep more!

Until a decade ago I could sleep anywhere and didn’t wake for more than a few minutes without peacefully returning to the land of nod! Then life changes, stress, and hormones threw a spanner in the works. Are you one of the millions of people who are constantly tired? £32 trillion is the worth of […]