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Community acupuncture clinics

I am embarking on a new venture shortly, working on Wednesdays at Leamington Acupuncture, a community multi-bed clinic. I was thrilled to be asked by one of my tutors if I would like to work alongside her in a community practise in central Leamington. This clinic, founded in 2011, runs every Wednesday.

It was the first in the area and offers reduced rate treatments to all. Patients can be confident they are having treatments from fully qualified British Acupuncture Council members who are also very experienced practitioners. The clinic is supported by The Acupuncture Academy training college and lets the clinic use its first floor “Turtle” room which has at least six treatment couches. This enables patients to have a full treatment, alongside others, at a reduced cost.

My CAC uniform!

In America and South East Asia it is more common to find clinics where the acupuncturist treats several people at once. Luckily for me acupuncture is a discipline where a patient, after diagnosis and pulse taking, can have needles inserted for a particular protocol, and relax on the treatment couch while their practitioner starts treating another patient nearby. Several patients treated in the hour allows the practitioner to offer a lower price.

Treatments are of the same quality and the hygiene and safety protocols comply with all relevant legislation. Screens divide each work area so there is some privacy.

Patients can chat to others nearby, attend with friends or bring along other family members. This way of working can be ideal to allow those new to acupuncture to plan and afford treatment weekly which undoubtedly gives the best results initially. Regular and maintenance treatments are easily affordable and accessible. As the treatment time can be shorter this process is very time effective.

Some people prefer a private setting, with one to one attention and more intervention so I will continue to work in my private clinics. Certainly my other therapies do not lend themselves to this way of working.

Finally I’d like to say thank you to Jen & Jules, the owners of TAA, for supporting this clinic and for Sharon for setting it up and asking me to join her!