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Lower back pain and acupuncture

A quick one this time! These notes are adapted from a presentation when I was an acupuncture student. The majority of my work is muscular pain and injuries, commonly low back, shoulders, neck or hip & knee pain. Extra training and my bodywork experience is helping my patients improve quickly.

Statistics: 40% of adults in the United Kingdom reported they have low back over a one-year period, and 31 million work days are lost due to back, neck, and muscle problems.

Self-care: Prevention is better than cure; strive for good core posture, keep active, avoid damaging movements, carrying excess weight and smoking. If you do have back ache, rest and use heat packs to ease the pain:

A heat pack

Take anti-inflammatory medication (if suitable) and consider physiotherapy, remedial massage and exercise.

“How can acupuncture help me?” Acupuncture can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and stiffness, and improve outcomes of more traditional medication. N.I.C.E. guidelines recommend a course of acupuncture as one of its strategies.

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