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“NHS” vs. private acupuncture comparison

Private clinic

Higher cost: £60 first, £50 thereafter.

60-75 mins first, 40-45 mins thereafter.


Totally private.

Serene, quiet.

More holistic therapies.

Flexible hours.

Multibed community clinic

Affordable: £20.

Treatment time ranges, 5 mins–60+.

Multibeds means several people in room.

Screens for privacy (bring towel for draping).

Only suited for acupuncture.

Wednesdays only.

Both clinics are open to anyone so it’s your choice. Pre-booking is required. Patients may choose to start their acupuncture treatments in a private clinic and then feel more confident to have treatment in a more open setting. As acupuncture works best if you can plan at least weekly sessions initially, and plan for five or six treatments to start, it helps to have a lower cost option available.

The Community Clinic is popular with family and friends who may travel together to the clinic. Patients may encourage friends to come along and try it as the outlay is less. Both options are in the same building and you receive treatment from a fully qualified and experienced British Acupuncture Council member – me!

More information on multibed clinics.