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Acupuncture helped my wellbeing straight away! As soon as I left the building and walked in the fresh air, I felt uplifted. Then better in myself for several days following.

— C. P.

Shin splints disappeared after one treatment; magic!

— S. H.

I have had several wonderful treatments with Heather. Most recently a pregnancy massage and an acupuncture treatment post-pregnancy. Both amazing, Heather is an extremely caring & knowledgable therapist. Highly recommend!

— Shelley

Heather has helped me with both acupuncture and massage. From both I have left not only feeling better but also having learned about myself and how to maintain health. Heather has so much knowledge to offer her clients and delivers her work with kindness and compassion! I highly recommend her business to all those interested. 🙂

— Naomi

I had my second acupuncture appointment with Heather, she’s very calm, thorough, informative and it was a very relaxing session. 10/10!

— Julie

Wonderful deep tissues massage by Heather. My back feels wonderful. I had a pregnancy massage with her 12 months ago and I was very impressed she remembered me – lovely personal touch!

— Michelle

Heather is an intelligent, knowledgeable practitioner who is very important to me in the management of my body and its idiosyncrasies. I cannot find fault or alternatives to what she offers.

— Ruth

Fabulous treatment as always with Heather. She fixed my twitching shoulder! Highly recommend.

— Samantha

Blissful two hours. Effects are great. Highly recommended.

— T

Simply great. I felt very relaxed as soon as I met Heather, and her treatments are first class. Thank you!

— Lesley

Heather is great – changed the treatment as I had tweaked my back. Expertly relieved the symptoms.

— Terri

Having visited previously with my wife I sort of knew what to expect – an excellent experience. However, I was pleased to receive much more than I expected in the clarity and fullness of the information about the treatment and what I would experience.

— Neil

I booked at short notice to have Hopi ear candle and found the therapist very knowledgeable on the subject, the treatment itself was relaxing and I feel beneficial. Will definitely go again.

— Julie

Loved my treatment! Heather is great, best massage I’ve had! Thank you. 🙂

— Vanessa

Heather is amazing and everyone should give an aromatherapy massage a go. I felt like I was in dream land the rest of the day which is fantastic because I feel stressed a lot. Thank you Heather, you were wonderful x

— Chanel

I had an excellent massage from Heather. She has a lot of expertise and knowledge which she applied to my needs in a very friendly and caring way. This was an experience I wish to repeat soon.

— Jo

My feet felt lovely and tingly. I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time, I woke up the morning after feeling energised! Really enjoyed my treatment.

— R. C.

I’d recommend you to others, and am very much looking forward to my next appointment!

— K. M.